Setting Up Home

The most common question asked "is setting up home in Hong Kong difficult" no is the simple answer, or at least it doesn't have to be. Our advise is very simple, be aware of what is available, your choices and options. But above all don't rush into making decisions. Not all of us are fortunate enough to be part of some multi-national that have the resources to manage your relocation.

However, it does take time to colate information and with the right support and guidence there is no reason why you can't settle in Hong Kong relatively quicky. Preparation is the key, have some idea of what you want to achieve and when.

There is more information and service providers in Hong Kong now compared to when we came in 2000. We thought the information we had colated was adaquate, no far from it. The result of that was we completed the tasks, but made impulsive decisions because we were on a restricted time line. Having to co-ordinate it all from our home country didn't help either. For us to establish an operational company in Hong Kong took longer and the over all set up cost was more in the long-term, something that could have been avoided.

Got a question, it's free contact us it's that simple. Any fees are fixed and agreed in advance.