Hong Kong Public Holidays & Festivals


May 2011

Public Holiday. Labour Day on the 1st falls on Sunday, so Monday the 2nd is a public holiday in lieu.

NOT A Public Holiday. Mother's Day or Mothering Sunday falls on the 8th. If you've forgotten to book a table at her favourite restaurant, you're in serious trouble!

Public Holiday. Buddha's Birthday 10th is on a Tuesday. The Monastery and statue on Lantau Island will be very busy.

Festival. Cheung Chau Island Bun Festival is on the same day. Tall bamboo frames loaded with buns, then comes the mad scramble to get to the top, quite a site to see. It gets very busy with a limited amount of ferries. While you're waiting go down to the beach and watch the wind surfers or try out one of the many seafood restaurants, very good.

June 2011

Public Holiday. Dragon Boat Festival is on the 6th, Monday. Although this is the official day. Different area's hold their races on different days. Stanley is a popular location to watch the races, but it does take a long time to get there and get home again.

July 2011

Public Holiday. It's a Friday, 1st July, Hong Kong's Birthday. Fireworks along Victoria Harbour, absolutely fantastic! But be careful, the streets do get very busy along the waterfront both on Hong Kong and Kowloon side.

August 2011

Festival. Hungry Ghost Festival is on Saturday 13th.

September 2011

Public Holiday. Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival is on the night of Monday 12th. So the following day, Tuesday 13th is the holiday to catch up on some sleep. Don't forget you're moon cakes!


October 2011

Public Holiday. National Day China is on the 1st which is a Saturday.

Public Holiday. Wednesday 5th, Chung Yeung Festival. Also known as Autumn Remembrance, a day to respect and remember ancestors.

November 2011

Sorry, nothing going on this month ....

December 2011

Public Holiday. Christmas and Boxing day fall on Sunday and Monday so take Tuesday 27th as well. For children of all ages a visit to Statue Square in Central is always worth a look, every year they come up with a new theme.

January 2012

Public Holiday. New Year's Day is on Sunday, so still time to sort out that hangover.

Public Holiday. Chinese New Year - Spring Festival, The Year of the Dragon falls on Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th. Remember to wish your Chinese friends "Kung Hei Fat Choi!" May be give your security staff "Hong Pau" or "Lai See" a lucky red envelope with a few dollars in it, new notes ideally. Traditionally these are given to single people.

February 2012

Nothing official....

Don't forget it's Valentine's Day on Tuesday the 14th. For flowers you want Fa Yuen Street Flower Market in Mong Kok.

March 2012

No, sorry nothing to offer you this month, unless you're into rugby.

Event. Hong Kong Rugby Sevens. Dates yet to be announced, but usually the last weekend of the month.

April 2012

Public Holiday. Ching Ming Festival is on Wednesday 4th.

Public Holiday. Easter, Good Friday is on the 6th April, Saturday 7th is also a public holiday.

Public Holiday. Easter Monday is on the 9th, so make the most of the long break.


N.B. We haven't listed all the festivals. Others are generaly in celebration of birthday's such as Tim Hau and Confucius as examples, these are very local and held in specific areas only.

Worried you might miss an important holiday while you're in Hong Kong, got it covered, visit the world holidays website.