Setting Up Hong Kong Home, Doctor's & Dentist's


Hong Kong Dentists

Most are trained in the UK or Australia, good level of treatment and explanation of any conditions you have that may require attention. As for fees they can vary a lot, but as a general rule cheaper than abroad. If there is a downside payment of services are invariably in cash and they don't keep change. Many have different locations and strange hours by western standards, also may act as Consultants in one of the Hospitals on a certain day of the week. So you need to make sure where they are on any given day of the week.


Hong Kong Doctors & Hospitals

There is a range of private and public health services available. Once you have your Hong Kong ID card you can visit a Government Hospital and get treatment at a reduced rate. A lot of healthcare professionals are trained abroad noticeably Doctors and Dentists. There is a charge for seeing your local doctor and they will dispense any medication you need. The same applies to Hospitals if you're being treated as an "Out Patient". Shops like Watsons and Mannings do have an in store Pharmacy for non-prescription items. I have always found the staff very knowledgeable and helpful in offering solutions for your particular situation. Receipts are issued for any claims against any insurance policies you may have. Hong Kong also offers alternative treatments using traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture. Some Doctors and Hospitals are offering both Western and Chinese medication to patients as the benefits of Chinese medicine are becoming more widely accepted. However, an increasing number of people are going to Thailand for a medical treatment. It costs less; the level of service is high and a great place to recover!


Hong Kong Emergency Services

The emergency number in Hong Kong is: 999

Good modern equipment, the only thing that worries me is that so many times I have seen an ambulance in the traffic with light on siren whaling and there is very little attempt by other traffic to make way. But if it's a fire engine, they move, maybe it's a size thing! Hong Kong is very well policed; they are armed and are everywhere. I was surprised when I first came to Hong Kong to see women walking late at night on their own in places where in other big cities that would be asking for trouble. So if you're lost or need some help they are never very far away.