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Setting Up Hong Kong Business, Office Space
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Hong Kong Office Space

Depending on how much of a commitment you or your company are able to make when setting up in Hong Kong, has a direct impact on what sort of office space you want to take. Rents will vary considerably depending on location.


For new businesses most opt for virtual or serviced offices. Companies offering these have a number of packages on offer. They are all broadly the same but vary in their location, quality of venue and pricing structure. Basic packages get you an address, someone answering your phone calls, voice mail, sorting mail, faxes. Most agreements are 30 or 90 day on a rollover, payable in advance and carry an initial deposit.

Serviced offices get you everything and each company has a range of sizes and location available. All you need to do is bring your computer, files, etcetera and start. Depending on the provider agreements can vary from as little as a week or month but generally for 12 months with a one month renewal period. Some providers are broadening their services by offering HR, incorporation and accountancy related support packages, plus other on-site fringe benefits.


For those able to make a longer commitment, finding your own office space is an option and possible frustration even if you have the time. There are of course numerous agents who will send you details once you have given a brief. Then the viewing begins, in Hong Kong it is very common to put an office back to shell, so you literally get four bare walls and a ceiling that is the floor from upstairs to look at. So provision for a fit out and extra time to complete the works must be made. Some Landlords have their own agents who you can negotiate through and generally there is no "finders" fee to be paid. So make sure you check their terms before you engage an agent.

Length of tenancy would be at least two years, deposits required by the Landlord could be two or three months held without interest with no break option. This with your fit out costs could result in quite a significant amount of any capital set aside. Deals aren't as prevalent as they were before, you may get some rent-free for a longer commitment and to complete fit out. Landlords felt hard done by when SARS was around and rents have risen significantly since then and continue to rise. Also take into account management fees and air conditioning costs.

Once you have your office, you are required to display in a prominent position your Business Registration Certificate ("BR") and your Public Liability Insurance Certificate.

For a free consultation, E-MAIL US anytime, or call +852 8197 0550 Fees are fixed and agreed in advance.

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