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Hong Kong Business Services, Marketing

Hong Kong Marketing & Media

Hong Kong is widely considered to be the marketing services capital of Asia. The sophistication of the market has attracted a strong presence of multinational agencies and a critical pool of marketing professionals offering a full range of services including advertising, brand/image consulting, event organising, public relations, product launches, corporate communications and market research.

Today’s budget-conscious business community seeking to outsource marketing and corporate communications functions are moving away from  established-brand agencies in order to enjoy a healthier cost-versus-results benefit. Many client organisations feel they are paying premium prices for modest results in terms of positive public exposure. Their answer is to look to smaller, or “boutique”, operators able to demonstrate genuine hands-on experience in both the media and corporate world on an international scale. For example, corporate executives want their media relations efforts to be led by an expert who has been part of the media and therefore able to leverage first-hand knowledge and experience to the ultimate benefit of the client.

Clients looking for some of the less obvious services not inclued by main-stream agencies could be any of the following. Media liaison, press releases, crisis management and managing press conferences. Creating customer communications materials, especially business-to-business. Speech writing, for management and senior executives, for delivery to local and international audiences. Writing and designing customer and employee newsletters. Also the writing and managing production of annual reports.

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