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Hong Kong Sports

Despite space being at a premium, there is an astonishing array of outdoor activities on offer. Don't be surprised to see tennis and driving ranges on top of shopping plazas. Athletics, bowls, cricket, diving, equestrian, football, golf, hiking to mountain biking, skating, rugby, tennis, the list is endless but I couldn't think of one that began with U. If you like a bet, check out Happy Valley racecourse on a Wednesday night, great location. Also Shatin (New Territories) has a racecourse, take your passport with you. There are many private clubs offering membership but at a cost.

Past-times such as paragliding, wind surfing, sailing and swimming not immediately associated with Hong Kong are available. Not forgetting an array of gym, Yoga, Pilates and almost every style of the martial arts available. Get up early enough and join a Tai Chee class.

Notable event is the Hong Kong rugby seven's held every March.

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