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Why Establish Hong Kong

Free consultation, E-MAIL US anytime, or call +852 8197 0550 Fees are fixed and agreed in advance.

We do not ask for advance payment from established Hong Kong registered companies.

Company Profile

Establish Hong Kong was incorporated in 2006, providing business solutions for SME’s and entrepreneurs looking to invest, set up business and work in Hong Kong. The founder has been associated with HK since 2000, specialising in investment visa applications for new businesses to the Hong Kong Immigration Department. Our services also encompass the necessary criteria for any new business, for example, but not limited to, incorporation, accounting, tax issues, office, banking, staff and employment related matters. These are either done directly or through strategic partners.

Our background has been managing businesses in the UK and Hong Kong. Client portfolio is very diverse, predominantly from the SME service sector. Over twenty years experience working direct with the client or through other service providers. Supporting a variety of nationalities from all over the world and different walks of life.

Proven track record in understanding and implementing client needs in a timely, efficient and professional manner. Take advantage from the experience of those who have done this before. Quickly become a knowledgeable, productive member of the business community with our support and guidance.

What makes us different....
  • 100% success rate for our recommendations
  • 10 years’ HK experience in immigration and establishing new businesses
  • Ability to balance business needs with bureaucracy
  • Free assessment, fixed fees with no hidden charges
  • Comprehensive range of business services
  • Out-of-hours client support seven days a week
  • Full online assessment and preparation capability.


What we aim to achieve is help our clients make better informed decisions and avoid the mistakes, sometimes costly and time-consuming mistakes made, when first establishing a business in Hong Kong. In our case we completed the tasks required to establish the company in the allocated time. But in hindsight, commercially they could have been better decisions.

We offer scalable and flexible solutions, you can utilise as much or as little of our services as you require. No two businesses are the same and each has its own aspirations and expectations, something we understand and appreciate. We think "outside of the box" and wherever possible we provide as many tactical and strategic solutions for your particular business situation.

So what's on offer....
  • Business Adviser
  • Visas & immigration
  • Office space solutions
  • Company incorporation
  • Recruitment & marketing
  • Accountancy tax & legal services

Project Management

There are of course a number of issues that need to be dealt with in an efficient and timely manner. You the client can select how much or as little Establish Hong Kong gets involved in any one specific area. Once an understanding has been established of what is required to get the business up and running. Clients will instruct Establish Hong Kong as to what services they require and what if any services they will undertake themselves and agree timeframes and objectives. For those who don't have strategic partners providing professional services EHK can introduce those as appropriate. The client agrees fees and terms directly with them, EHK does not load or bill third party services. Any third party billing is transparent. EHK will project manage any third party and report to the client if instructed to do so.

Free consultation, E-MAIL US anytime, or call +852 8197 0550 Fees are fixed and agreed in advance.


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