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For the small company setting up a network or similar, bear in mind there is no consumer protection to speak of and support provided by the bigger name manufacturers are normally through an appointed local agent, not the company itself. There are a few well known computer centres, one in Wan Chai, all things computer, including PDA's and digital cameras. Another smaller one is in Windsor House in Causeway Bay, both are on Hong Kong Island. The others are Kowloon side, one in Mong Kok near the Ladies Market that mainly has consumables. The other is in Sham Shui Po, Golden Computer Centre also maybe also known as Golden Shopping Centre, it's got everything, right opposite an MTR exit. Large electrical retailers such as Fortress and Broadway sell mainly computers, including Mac's and printers. Local consultancies although may be very good technically, getting across what you want can be an issue. There are an increasing number of English speaking IT consultants providing a range of solutions as an alternative.

Hong Kong Relocation

From personal experience, unless you're a multinational or part of a large company they're not really interested in you. The large companies just want to send you a form to complete, send back and they'll send you an estimate, no service at all. Some of the smaller companies will make an effort and come out and discuss your requirements. Customs clearance is straight forward for personal effects; the agent in Hong Kong will need your passport and Hong Kong ID card, processing time is about a week to clear Customs. Come the time you leave, beware of nett and gross volumes if price is an issue, especially if you're going to a more obscure destination.

Some companies offer a guarantee to protect you from the final volume and subsequent price. Otherwise you could find yourself in a difficult situation with a much larger than expected bill and your effects are going nowhere until you pay. Claims to have or be part of some networks are vastly exaggerated in my view.

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