Sole Proprietor visa requirements

How do these differ from an application made by a limited company?

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3 Responses to Sole Proprietor visa requirements

  1. EHK says:

    They are assessed exactly the same way for visa purposes. The difference is in reporting and any action brought against you personally rather than through a limited liability entity.

  2. Gurmukh das says:

    I want to start sole properitor business in Hongkong. i have been visited ist time in 1994 & after 3 or 4 time upto 2007. my business was in uae in 2001 upto 2008.Now what is easiest & cheapest way to start business & get residance visa.

  3. EHK says:

    For the Hong Kong investment visa there are key generic points that Hong Kong is looking for in return.
    They are looking for the generation of local employment, the inter-action with HK businesses both as suppliers and clients.
    Also what they describe as a “significant contribution to Hong Kong” which is intentionally vague, ambiguous and open to interpretation.
    They expect the applicant to have the relevant skills to run, manage and develop the business. You will need an office to work from for both you and your staff. There is no legislated amount of money to invest in the business, each company will be assessed on its particular needs. The investor will also need to show what additional funds they may have personally to support the business should it be needed.
    So if your intention is work for yourself, with a few HK clients and spend as little capital as possible. HK immigration isn’t going to regard this as investment in Hong Kong’s economy and your application will be refused.

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