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Establish Hong Kong company profile.

The company was setup in 2006 to help developing businesses, normally SME’s and entrepreneurs based abroad setup businesses that allow the principals to live and work in Hong Kong. Equally as important are those already in Hong Kong that are looking to establish their own company or join an existing business as an investor.

Providing assistance and guidance in key areas such as incorporation, employing local staff, office space solutions, opening bank accounts, these are either done directly or through strategic partners.

The core activity is in representing those clients that require approval from the Hong Kong immigration department to remain in Hong Kong as a resident to run and develop their businesses or take employment.

Each business opportunity has its own unique set of circumstances. Having over twenty-five years’ experience in dealing with different nationalities for all walks of life looking for a solution. We have a proven track record of balancing business with bureaucracy.


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  1. Alex says:

    Can I get a HK ID card when starting a company in HK as an entrepreneur without employees?

  2. EHK says:

    Hi, I’m sorry to say the short answer is no. Why, For the Hong Kong investment visa there are key generic points that Hong Kong is looking for in return.
    They are looking for the generation of local employment, the inter-action with HK businesses both as suppliers and clients.
    Also what they describe as a “significant contribution to Hong Kong” which is intentionally vague, ambiguous and open to interpretation.
    They expect the applicant to have the relevant skills to run, manage and develop the business. You will need an office to work from for both you and your staff. There is no legislated amount of money to invest in the business, each company will be assessed on its particular needs. The investor will also need to show what additional funds they may have personally to support the business should it be needed. Singapore used to be an easier option, but I believe as of September 2013, they are adopting a very similar criteria to Hong Kong.

  3. Nicolas says:

    Hi, I am planning to live and work in HK with a Work Holiday Visa (I am French.) I would like to confirm if I can work up to 6 months for myself as a self-employed person and then another 6 months for my company, once I have incorporated it. Please advise, thanks!

    Hi Nicolas,

    The Working Holiday Visa is what the name suggests, you cant work legally for the full year. you must take incidental employment to help pay for your holiday. What you’re planning to do requires an employment and or an investment visa which is a very different set of requirements.
    The quota for French nationals is 200 as of 1st July 2013, you must be able to show you have at least 25,000HKD in available funds, a return ticket or sufficient funds to pay for one, also adequate medical insurance.
    I hope you find the information useful.

    Kind regards, Jeremy.

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