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  1. Calvin says:

    I’m from the UK and looking to come to Hong Kong/surrounding areas looking for work to be able to fund me staying their for around 5 months then move on somewhere else.

    Just trying to find out a bit of information on it on how i can come about applying for a visa if their is such a thing for travelers?

    I hope to hear from you soon, Thanks for your time

  2. EHK says:

    Hi Calvin,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Hong Kong doesn’t allow Brits to come as working holidays makers I’m afraid which would have suited you down to the ground
    Brits can enter HK as visitors for six months, but that doesn’t allow you to work, legally.
    To say that people don’t work as a visitor would be wrong. But the penalties for both the employer and the those working as a visitor are high with fines, imprisonment and deportation from HK.

    So honestly I would give a HK a miss if you’re planning to work there in any capacity.

    Cheers, Jeremy.

  3. Mary Grace says:

    Hello I’m a domestic helper here in hongkong. I already go back home last July 26 and I came back here last August 9 2013. My problem is about my visa. My working visa will be expire this coming Monday August 26 2013. But I already my docu ments in your office in WanChai last week August 10 2013 . And then the immigration officer said they will call my employer for the information. I am waiting now for the information coming from you. Though any action I need to do? Please help me I’m very worried about it. Thanks a lot. Hoping for your response.

  4. EHK says:

    Hi Grace, I assume you’re from the Philippines. I don’t see what you’re worried about. You’ve applied for a new visa before your current visa has expired.If immigration have all the information and all the documents required, great. Just because the officer may want to speak to your (old/new) employer, doesn’t mean there’s a problem. If you’re using an agency get them to call immigration to find out how the application is progressing. Check to see if you need to extend your visit visa.

    Tks, Jeremy.

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